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What can be used as bedding for a hamster?

Are you trying to get the best bedding for your hamster then you need to go with the best bedding material for your pet which was made up of cedar/pine wood shavings. In which the recent studies have revealed that these materials can cause the health problems to your hamsters. Selecting the best bedding for… Read More »


Molly 10/30/1999 – 2/26/2013   Joellen and Molly October 30, 1999 – February 26, 2013 THE BEST DOG EVER!!! I will love and miss you forever, my Molly girl. Molly, you have the biggest heart, strongest spirit, and had an unbelievable will to live. You taught many lessons to so many people – a true… Read More »


Zelda 2/99 – 3/3/10   Zelda was my companion, friend, and always dependable working partner. Truly a “bomb proof” dog, we faced many challenges together during our all too short 11 year partnership. A trainer in another venue once told me the qualities of a great dog; “A great dog will know what to do,… Read More »