Behavior Consulting

Puppy issues

Puppies will be puppies which can present a number of challenges that are sometimes best addressed in your home. Housebreaking, mouthing, pet/pet introductions, pet/human introductions, management, crate training, puppy proofing your home and yard.


Aggression to humans or animals require in depth, careful evaluation and consultation. Aggression can also include guarding of food, items in the dog’s environment, or territory. Predatory behavior, may be best addressed at Diamonds In The Ruff’s facility. The facility is uniquely arranged to be able to safely address issues your dog may have with other animals and/or pets.


Anxiety, including separation anxiety, can come in a number of forms and in varying degrees. Many times anxiety is best addressed where the anxiety occurs.


Shy and/or fearful behavior may be caused by any number factors including lack of proper socialization, genetics, or a scary event. Shy and /or fearful behavior can be to humans, other animals, or places. Shy/fearful behavior is sometimes only to specific appearing people or animals, or in specific places. Careful training, dog/human relationship changes, and confidence building exercises can help a shy/fearful dog.

Excessive barking

Excessive barking can have many causes. Depending on where and when the excessive barking occurs, a consultation may be recommended either on-site or in your home.

Temperament Evaluations

Offered are temperament assessments, and pre-selection counseling to assist you in choosing the best match for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Assessments can be done on-site or where your potential new family member is residing.

Telephone Consultations

An in person consultation is always the preferred option for the most accurate assessment of an issue, and advice options with demonstrations. Telephone consults are offered when distance, time, or travel makes an in person appointment too difficult. Advice options are given based on Diamonds In The Ruff’s understanding and interpretation of the owners perception of an issue. Appointments may be made via email or telephone. Payment is made in advance through PayPal, or as arranged with Diamonds In The Ruff.