Classes – Small Group and Semi-private

Group Lessons 4 or more dogs in class:
New Client $150 – includes 1 private introduction lesson + 6 group lessons
Existing Client or with approval $100 for 6 group lessons

Semi Private Lessons 2 – 3 dogs in class
New Client $200 – includes 1 private introduction lesson + 6 group lessons
Existing Client or with approval $150 for 6 semi-private lessons

Agility Classes

For beginners through advanced for fun, competition or anything in between. Teach your dog to go over obstacles, through tunnels and tires, over jumps, and weave through a line of poles.



For those who want a well-mannered family pet, those who want to compete, or anything in between. Classes cover Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leave-it, Come, and Loose Leash Walking (heel). Classes get more challenging as you advance. For dogs and puppies 5 months or older.

Canine Life And Social Skills

Caninie Life and Social Skills is a multi-level program using a series of “real life” activities through which an owner accompanies his dog, C.L.A.S.S. Evaluators assess a dog/owner team’s core training skills, with options to test advanced training skills. There are 3 C.L.A.S.S. levels:
~ Bachelor’s (B.A.)skills include wait at the door, come and leashing up manners, loose leash walking and attention, meet and greet, leave it, wait for the food bowl, stay, and settle.
~ Masters (M.A.) skills include wait in the car and at doors, pass by other dogs, come/leashing up manners, sit/down/stand, handling, loose leash walking and leave it, and stay.
~ Doctorate (Ph.D.) skills include loose leash walking, back up, stay, come and leashing up manners, meet and greet, attention, table manners and sit, all with additional distractions.
~ All 3 levels contain two “bonus rounds” to allow a dog/handler team to pass “with honors”.
Successfully completing each level is like earning an academic degree in real-life skills with your dog.
C.L.A.S.S. is designed to:
~ Promote reward-based training
~ Strengthen dog/owner relationship through shared activity and fun, positive training
~ Value the real life skills of dog/owner teams
~ Educate pet owners in dog behavior and responsible ownership.


Puppy classes

Puppy classes are for puppies 18 weeks or younger. This class focuses on socialization, handling exercises, and begins the fundamentals of training. Puppies are taken on “field trips” on my property where they are safely exposed to cats, puppy friendly adult dogs, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, and a horse. Puppy issues such as housebreaking, mouthing, and manners are addressed, and there is plenty of time for questions and answers.



For dogs that have fear or aggression issues in the presence of other dogs or people

For dogs that have completed Diamonds In The Ruff Reactive Rover Class, Private Training, or have instructor approval
Instructor takes students and their dogs into the “real world”
Days and times vary depending on location
Please call for more information.

For non reactive dogs and fully vaccinated (need not include rabies) puppies who have completed a Diamonds In The Ruff Basic Obedience class, Puppy Class, Private Training, or have instructor approval.
Instructor takes students and their dogs into the real world. This class will expose your dog or puppy to different environments, noises, and people.
Days and times may vary depending on location.

6 lesson class for dogs and their owners/handlers The class will cover scent detection and odor recognition. Dogs will learn to find specific odors hidden in various containers, objects, and in the environment. This is NOT a tracking class. Dogs need not be dog friendly, but must be under control