Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Joellen is a certified pet dog trainer and pet behaviorist. I run a breed specific dog rescue and take dogs into our program to rehabilitate and make them ready for permanent homes. Joellen has consulted with us and provided written treatment plans and assessments for some of our more complex behavior problems. She is GREAT at what she does. Joellen clearly loves her work and her four legged clients. I am very glad that she is an expert resource for my team to turn to for helping under socialized dogs become wonderful, loving family members. Joellen has worked with our rescue shelties numerous times, some who come into our program with lots of baggage. Joellen has proven to give clear verbal suggestions for turning around unwanted behaviors and does a great job with written behavioral assessments and training recommendations. She is professional, thorough and accessible. A very capable dog trainer using positive training techniques who gets great results. I don’t hesitate recommending Joellen for any pet owner or dog rescue foster home volunteer.
Two thumbs up!!”
Gale Ann Morris – Director
Client from 2009 – present

Trish King, CPDT, CDBC
Owner at Canine Behavior Associates
“Joellen has always shown a great deal of knowledge and compassion when working with animals. She is an asset to the profession”.
May 17, 2013, Trish managed Joellen at Marin Humane Society
Debbie Lewis Bernstein
President of Workcentives, a Calif S-Corp specializing in contract staffing
“I have had German Shepherds for the past 15 years and was fortunate to meet Joellen back in 2004, after taking on yet another new GSD pup which I needed to successfully integrate into my pack of two older German Shepherds. Not only is Joellen an excellent and skilled trainer, but she’s also top notch and evaluating dog behavior and I really like her ability to be forthright and open about what she sees. She says it like it is and will not take your money unless she seriously feels she can help and you are willing to do the work.

Joellen’s combination of expertise and practical and personalized instruction has made all the difference for me over the years. She is an excellent listener and tailors her training methods to each dog’s individual needs and temperament. There is no ‘one size fits all’ method, which is most refreshing.

Joellen is a positive trainer and helped me learn to develop leadership skills with my dogs and was quick to point out in a gentle way what I was doing wrong. As I learned, body language and proper voice tone is key and Joellen is a master at teaching how to effectively communicate with your dog so that they are happy to work for you. Her expertise goes way beyond dog training as she was a skilled and competitive equestrian for most of her life and anyone that can train and work with a horse typically makes for a better dog trainer and people person.

I cannot recommend Joellen highly enough and she is worth the 90-mile round trip drive I used to take to see her weekly.”

Client from 2004 – present
May 9, 2013, Debbie was Joellen’s client
Carolyn Jewel
DBA at Workforce Logic/Zero Chaos
“Joellen came to our house and showed us how to work effectively with our young, highly excitable dog. Within minutes, our dog was responding appropriately. What I really, really appreciate was the time she took to make sure we understood what we needed to do to maintain and reinforce her good behavior in the house and outside. I highly recommend Joellen.”
May 7, 2013, Carolyn was Joellen’s client
Carrie Norberg
“Joellen knows what she’s doing and does it in a straightforward manner with much integrity. Her positive reinforcement techniques brought great results with my Border Collie mix pup last year. I will be signing up for Agility classes for Bo soon and am looking forward to working with her again. She’s also a kind and giving person with great dedication to her clients and their pets, as well as her own sweet dogs (who help out with training sometimes too). I would recommend her to anyone who wants a well mannered, happy dog via a very positive experience.”
May 31, 2013, Carrie is Joellen’s client
Tera Le Febvre Mary Kay Senior Consultant “Joellen has provided Behavior Consulting and training for all of my dogs. I first found her when I had a specific issue with 2 of my female Pit Bull dogs, about 13 years ago. She had done such an amazing job for our fur family I refuse to go to anyone else and we now live in Sacramento. She is amazing. Since the passing of one of my dogs, I have taken the newest additions to our family to her and will continue to do so. She provides consulting and specific need classes as well as privates. There is no need to go anywhere else because she teaches everything I needed to know. We took all types of classes from her and my dogs excelled in all from; basic obedience, dangerous dog class, and agility to name a few. Joellen has provided phone consults and makes herself available to each dogs specific need. I love that about her Company, we definitely feel like part of the family!”
Client from 2000 – present
May 19, 2013, Tera is Joellen’s client
Laurie Daly Professor of Early Childhood Education at Yuba College Clear Lake Campus
“Joellen helped me during a difficult time with my two seven year-old male Jack Russells. I am thrilled that I hired her and I recommend her services to anyone with doggy “issues.”
Dr. Laurie Daly May 22, 2013, Laurie was Joellen’s client
Devra Wolf
Compliance Assistant at Savings Bank of Mendocino County
“When we brought home our German Shepherd puppy at 7 weeks old, she was already a handful, trying to bully our two older (large) dogs. We hired Joellen immediately and had her come to our home for evaluation within the first three days. For two years, Joellen helped us understand and train this incredibly smart, focused, high drive puppy. We would not have the amazing dog we have today if it were not for her. Without Joellen’s help, this dog would have been out of control; instead, she is a loyal protector and devoted companion. This dog could never be a “dog park” dog, but we know how to manage her and keep everyone safe when she needs to be around other dogs. At home she is sweet and friendly and at 6 years old still loves learning new tasks. Joellen didn’t train our dog, and she didn’t change our dog’s personality; she trained us, taught us to learn who our dog is and what she needs and wants out of life. Thanks to that education, today we have the best dog I have ever owned”
May 16, 2013, Devra was Joellen’s client
Sheri Cardo
Director of Communications at Sonoma Land Trust
“Joellen Burton is a top-notch, expert dog trainer, particularly skillful with more challenging dogs and their issues. I’ve done behavior consultations with her about one of my dogs as well as taken my dog through a couple of fun agility classes with her. She is simply one of the best dog trainer/behaviorists around and I am constantly referring my friends to her for training and consults.”
Client from 2007 – present
May 14, 2013, Sheri is Joellen’s client
Kimala Krchnavi
“I brought my dog, Benny, to Joellen’s “Diamonds in the Ruff” group classes to learn good dog manners, how to walk on a leash without pulling, and how to be a well-behaved dog that friends and strangers would enjoy being around.
My dog was a rescued Pitbull, about 5 months old at the time. I had adopted Benny when he was 4 months old. He had been bitten to the bone on his face by another dog, so I knew he had some traumatic issues to overcome, and had not yet bonded strongly with me. We learned basic commands like “wait”, “stay”, “come”, “sit”, “lie down”, and how to walk beside each other, rather than Benny pulling me on his leash. Sometimes I see an Irish Setter, happy as can be, pulling his owner around Rohnert Park. Well, that’s how Benny was before Joellen’s classes.
He also used to lunge suddenly toward other dogs and people we passed on our walks. He was lunging in order to “meet” them in a friendly way, but that’s not how it appeared to the ones he lunged at. It looked menacing, because he’s an 85 pound Pitbull.
Benny looked forward to the classes tremendously and was just wild with happiness and excitement in the car, knowing he was going to Joellen’s.
In later classes with Joellen, Benny learned how to run through tunnels, jump over barriers, climb steep A-frames and other agility maneuvers. He gained so much confidence whenever he successfully mastered a new agility task. He was afraid of car noises, dogs barking, horns honking, people yelling, and crossing bridges when I first got him, and now he’s fearless and confident.
We would have continued with additional classes, but I lost my job and didn’t have the money. When I have a full-time job again, we will be back for more of Joellen’s classes. Benny will be so happy!
I think Benny would make a great “grief therapy”‘ dog, but he’s too wiggly to sit still for petting and hugs right now. He gets too excited. With training though, he will be perfect for that job because he loves everyone. I’d like Joellen to help me train Benny as a therapy dog.”
Client from 2011 – present
May 12, 2013, Kimala is Joellen’s client
Marilyn Sutton
Paradise Pet Resort at Paradise Pet Resort
“Joellen is an experienced trainer with extensive knowledge about animal behavior. She helped me to turn my reactive dog into a well-behaved dog I can now walk in public. I currently bring my other dog to her agility classes. I have watched every dog Joellen has worked with greet her as if she is their favorite human on the planet. Some of us refer to her as the true dog whisperer.”
Client from 2009 – present
May 12, 2013, Marilyn is Joellen’s client
Joe Conway
President for 2011 Petaluma Wheelmen Cycling Club
“Joellen has done wonders with our puppy and now grown up dog, Hannah.
Joellen’s home has become Hannah’s home away from home. Hannah joyfully stays with Joellen when ever we need a “puppy sitter”, whether it’s a day visit or several days. Joellen is always available to us to keep our retriever well trained and happy.”
Client from 2011 – Present
May 12, 2013, Joe is Joellen’s client
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Joellen taught me and my dog Buddy basic obedience and agility training. She has a lot of experience, knows dogs, and is very effective.”
Cathe Rudell
Client from 2009 – present
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Joellen is an experienced and insightful dog trainer who keeps everything very upbeat and positive. I found the training sessions to be extremely helpful and we now have the best behaved and trained dog we have ever had.”
Bruce Stewart
Client 2010
September 12, 2011
“I first met Joellen when she was an instructor at the Marin Humane Society. She was an excellent teacher. I was even more impressed with her when my dog started to lose his vision. She encouraged me to continue with agility and was very patient with me and especially with my dog. I have worked with her as an assistant. She’s wonderful to work with and flexible depending upon what each dog requires. I have also brought my other dogs (shy, reactive) to her for agility training. Her training area is great.”
Joy DalSanto
Dog Training Assistant, Marin Humane Society (colleague)
Client 2008 – present
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
“Joellen was prompt and courteous with respect to understanding our situation. She went the extra mile, listened to our concerns, got very familiar with our dogs and provided invaluable information to correct a very negative situation ending in very positive results, we highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking professional assistance with dog behavior!”
Lynn Davis
Client 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“Joellen trained us how to be smarter than our Doberman. It was no easy task. She is a great trainer and I highly recommend her.”
Ken McCauley
Client 2009 – present
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Joellen helped us with our dog who has fear aggression and anxiety issues. She really knows a lot about dogs and how to work with them. She provided us with reading materials in addition to her hands-on training. She was dedicated to helping us and was willing to try different strategies to help our dog succeed. We and our canine friend learned a lot from Joellen!”
Marilyn Dolce
Client 2011 – present
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
“Joellen is an expert in her field. I volunteer for Cocker Spaniel rescue where we receive many dogs with behavior issues. She has made a big difference helping me train my older foster dog to get over her fear aggression. Cudos to her knowledge, patience and compassion.”
Lori Z.
Client 2010 – present
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“Joellen is terrific with dogs! Her understanding of them makes her a terrific trainer and behaviorist. Our dog learned so much from her classes at the Humane Society, and learned even more in his private lessons at Diamonds in the Ruff. I would recommend Joellen to all dog owners!”
Susan Mulvey
Client in 2003 and again in 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
“Both our one-year old rescue and our 5 month old puppy attended basic obedience training with Joellen. She uses positive training techniques, working well with both dogs and humans. Enjoyed the smaller group setting at her spacious outdoor facility.”
Jody Grovier
Client 2007
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Joellen has been involved in training my Golden Retrevier Maggie Mae from puppyhood. She is now 20 months old and becoming a well mannered young lady thanks to Joellens help.”
Steven Isaacson
Client 2010 – present
“Not only is Joellen an excellent trainer and behaviorist, but she she is also excellent working with people. She is a very humane dog trainer and I have seen her working with client’s pets as well as her own.”
Donna Solin, Artist,
Dog Training Assistant, Marin Humane Society
Erich Williams
Veterinarian and Owner of Wikiup Veterinary Hospital
“Joellen helped us when we adopted a 1 year old French Bulldog that had no training what so ever. She turned him around promptly and also helped train our other dog. I regularly refer my clients to her for any training and behavior needs.
November 17, 2010, Erich was Joellen’s client br>___________________________________________________________________
Celeste Barker, MBA
Client Services Director (retired)
Joellen is an effective dog trainer known for being consistent in her training and handling methods. I assisted Joellen in many of the agility classes that she taught and learned the fundamentals of the sport from her. I observed that she worked with numerous clients in resolving a variety of dog behavior problems. Some of those clients still feel indebted to Joellen for the help she gave them and their pet dog.”
July 18, 2009, Celeste worked directly with Joellen at Marin Humane Society br>___________________________________________________________________