What can be used as bedding for a hamster?

Are you trying to get the best bedding for your hamster then you need to go with the best bedding material for your pet which was made up of cedar/pine wood shavings. In which the recent studies have revealed that these materials can cause the health problems to your hamsters. Selecting the best bedding for hamster pet animal is a matter of personal choice, still there are people who make use of the cedar or pine wood shavings but if you are more concerned about the health of your hamsters then you need to find the healthier alternative bedding material. After all your pet is going to live for about 3-5 years and during this time you will need to provide a comfortable and safe home with the appropriate and best bedding materials.

The wood shavings have an advantage including the capability of controlling the urine odors in which it is also very affordable and absorbent one. But the cedar and pine wood shavings can cause respiratory problems and liver damage to your hamster where this is due to the large amount of sawdust. Regardless the bedding material that you choose need to be changed every week in which by doing this you can create a healthy and safe environment for your pet. Choosing the best bedding will also depends on the preference of your hamster. If your hamster is comfortable and happy with the bedding material through error and trial method, then you will be able to find the perfect bedding material.

Helpful tips for choosing the right hamster bedding

What can be used as bedding for a hamster?

  • Providing your hamster with a suitable bedding material for your pet, so she can sleep and play in comfort place where it is extremely important thing for the pet since the environment she sleeps and lives in will have a temperature, long-lasting effects on her health and increase its life span.
  • These little creatures usually sleep during the day and they love burrowing, the one way to satisfy its burrowing instinct is to provide them a suitable and quality bedding material at the bottom of the cage.
  • It is not good idea to use the blankets or towels for bedding because the material soon gets dirty and wet. So try to use the bedding material for your hamster that is of at least 2” thick. The material which you choose should be able to mask odors of the hamster urine to prevent a smelly cage and it is found that wood shavings material best bedding for hamster.
  • There are various brands of bedding material are available for your hamsters such as like Kaytee, carefresh, finacard and megazorb. Where all these hamster beddings are made from the dried wood pulp and do not contain the cedar or pine.
  • Choosing the best bedding material for your hamster is the primary responsibility of the pet owner so you may need to do some experiment on several bedding materials until you are able to find the best bedding for hamster. The hamsters usually have their own preferences and if you know your hamster well then you can easily tell if your pet is comfortable and happy.

The best place for selecting the hamster bedding materials is online where you can view number of online pet shops and you can see the available bedding materials on their site. Just by comparing the cost as well as the shipping cost charged by the store you can find the best bedding material for your pet.

What is the best bedding material for your hamster?

When making a home for your hamster pet animal then it is very much important to cover the floor of the cage, not only to provide the bedding but also to absorb the urine of your hamster. However there are few things which you need to remember when buying the bedding materials for your pet animal hamster. Using the cloth like small blankets or towels is not a great idea because it will become dirty rather quickly, also while sleeping your hamsters like to burrow their cloth and heads which will not be comfortable one, in some cases there is chance that they will tear and bite the cloth.

Most popular of all hamster bedding material is wood shavings because the wood shaving bedding material does not use the cedar shavings. Wood shavings bedding score high on the list of best bedding for hamster especially for its natural properties. Naturally the wood has inherent insecticidal properties and this reduces the growth of bacteria, deters incidents of mites and fleas. The flip side of this insecticidal property of the wood can itself cause harmful reactions to your hamster.

How to choose the hamster bedding

What can be used as bedding for a hamster?

When you adopt or buy a hamster pet animal then you will also need to purchase accessories and cage such as hamster bedding for your pet animal. The hamster bedding helps you in absorbing the wetness and odor, protects the animal’s feet from the bottom of the cage and gives the hamster material to nest with. There are several type of hamster beddings are available including the.

  • Bedding made from wood shavings
  • Wood chips
  • Paper bedding
  • Bedding made from straw

If you choose to use the wooden shavings as bedding for your hamster pet animal then go for the wood pulp or pine bedding that is marketed specifically for the hamster owners. If you want to find the best bedding for hamster then you can also talk to your local pet store owner or read the reputable online pet sites for determining the type of the hamster bedding that will be working best for your hamster living and breeding. In which you will want to choose the bedding that keeps your pet health, produce little dust, easy to dispose when you clean your hamsters cage and at affordable price. From the wide collection of the bedding materials just find the best bedding material for your hamster pet animal in which the hamster feels more comfortable and sleep well.