Zelda 2/99 – 3/3/10


Zelda was my companion, friend, and always dependable working partner. Truly a “bomb proof” dog, we faced many challenges together during our all too short 11 year partnership. A trainer in another venue once told me the qualities of a great dog; “A great dog will know what to do, but a great dog will also do what it is told”. This was Zelda. She instinctively knew what to do, be it an aggressive dog or a fearful dog, to make them feel safe, doing all the things she could to be confident yet non threatening. She also always listened to what I needed her to do, that was how I kept her safe, and I think she knew it.
More of Zelda’s story to come………

Zelda at 8 weeks old.

By Joellen Burton
Zelda’s Mom, companion, and working partner